Tuesday, 29 June 2010

worm - the only spaceship named after an invertebrate

i did this worm for for nassh kadavr, he is a lovely bloke but his name is very hard to spell

PLEASE NOTE if your worm doesnt have green sunglasses then it is DEFECTIVE and u should contact the guristas customer complaint dept for a refund

Friday, 25 June 2010

sleipnir is a difficult werd to spell

i did this sig for annie anomie, u can tell because it says ANNIE ANOMIE on it in big writing and everything

i also did this teeny tiny version that complies with the lame eve-o forum rules


i did this curse sig for THE DIABOLICAL LORD DEVILHANZO
he is a p cool dude


I love cruors i think they are ace, so i drew one for my signature for me to use on intarnet spaceship forams

enyo - if ur speakers weak then pls turn it off

i did an enyo for this Lady Shaniqua signature

blaster enyos are terribawful solo boats because everything in the universe can stay out of range of them. but i still think they are still totally ace spaceships cos they go boom.
plus they're the only af with a tracking bonus so thats p sweet

tristan is a sad fatman

aww look at his littal face :(

rifter = best ship

everyone loves rifters because they are the best spaceship
i drew one and used it on a killboard banner i did for my corp (altho we're not actually a corp, we're a kru)


o/ hallo my name is sassy b and i like to blow up spaceships and draw pictures of spaceships and sometimes i draw pictures of spaceships blowing up other spaceships. i will be posting some of the pictures i draw of spaceships on this blog thing. if u think they are totaly sweet then pls leave comments, and also if you're a spacerich philanthropist pls feel free to send me gifts of space money. ok thats enough writing i am not ernast hemangway or sum shit like that