Wednesday, 28 July 2010

rifter status report: 12% structure. still the best ship.

i felt like doing a rifter again because they're blatantly the best spaceship ever. i used it in this sig for snippse who has caused the death of my last two wolfs in assault frigate fites DAM U SNIPPSE STOP BLOWING UP MY WOLFS

Sunday, 18 July 2010

drake v gurista - the endless struggle

this signature depicts the frantic intensity of battal between a heavy missile drake and a large group of gurista pirates

melleia is a legit businessperson who runs this third party service
melleia seems legit and honest but if YOU need a 3rd party service to entrust gagillions of isk to then i would have to say the best choice is my own corp kenssy fried chicken kru we are discreet and utterly trustworthy

Monday, 12 July 2010

tempest is a stealthy boat

i did this picture of a stealthy tempest for hulkageddon iii who is a p cool event thing organised by HELICITY BOSUN which is all about suicide ganking mining boats

i do not take part cos i am really scared of hisec
srsly all the gates are camped but if you shoot anyone you DIE and even if you dont shoot people the po-leese still harass you for crimes you never even dun :(

Saturday, 10 July 2010

bellicose is a formidabl boat

i did this ACTION PACKED bellacose for Agile Nakajima of the Moustache Twirling Space Cads

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

tengu in a tophat

i dun this tasteful B&W banner for Tiberu Stundrif's blog Scrap Metal and Faction Ammo

VENGEANCE is a dish best servd with RF Fusion

i did this vegnance sig for HELICITY BOSUN who is a pirat that does naughty stuff like gettin in fights with nuns

i was worried the sparkles might be a bit too extreme for HELICITY BOSUN, but wat i did not account for was that HELICITY BOSUN is a mavarick terrarist who lives life on the edge so in fact the sparkles were not extreme enough so i had to do another version that was FULL ON X-TREME TO THE MAX

Also, HELICITY BOSUN made this sig for me \0/

it is a small lazor 1600mm plated DEFF OMEN(tm) with SKULLS AND BLOOD AND SKULLS

Monday, 5 July 2010

bhaalgorn has red on it, can u recommend a good dry cleaner?

i dun this banner for Kane Rizzel
he is INFAMUS in circles of people who blow up spaceships, because he's well good at blowing up spaceships
Here's his blog: A Pirate's Perspective which is well good, especially the bits where he blows up spaceships

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I did this probe for Schmetterflug's blog - Schmetterflug allein im All
It took a lot of goes before he was happy with it because im rubbish at spelling german

I love pretty much everything about probes apart from their name. The name is totally wack. A silly mission runner wont think twice about ignoring innocent sounding herons and magnates and imicuseses, but when he sees a probe on scan he is like I KNOW WAT THAT DOES IM OUTTA HERE


Thursday, 1 July 2010

wolf shirt best shirt

i did this srs business wolf for lady shaniqua's blog banner
you can see the finished banner on lady shaniqua's blog which is HERE

if you like wolfs and shirts then you can buy a shirt that has an actual wolf on it from HERE u will be like the coolest kid on the block srsly