Sunday, 22 May 2011

zealot drake and hurricane - perspectives on assymetrical conflict

mr joe space approached me to do killboard banners for Pod Liberation Authority and Targeted Aggression which i understand is like a sister corporation to podla where they put slackers, goof-offs and flaky hipsters

i learnt hacs and bought a zealot to get reference for this banner. true fact.

for this banner i chose to depict a hurricane jammed by ecm drones and being exploded by a bunch of bads but DO NOT PITY HIM he placed himself into this situation by failing to TRULY BELEIVE IN HIMSELF

Friday, 20 May 2011

flabber? why i never touched 'er!

i did this flabber sig for don pellegrino who is well known for being the CHIEF DISCO-PRINCE ELECTRO-SHAMAN of the solo peeveepee world

his skin is not cyan in RL - i was doing a thing called Artisistic Lisence