Sunday, 22 May 2011

zealot drake and hurricane - perspectives on assymetrical conflict

mr joe space approached me to do killboard banners for Pod Liberation Authority and Targeted Aggression which i understand is like a sister corporation to podla where they put slackers, goof-offs and flaky hipsters

i learnt hacs and bought a zealot to get reference for this banner. true fact.

for this banner i chose to depict a hurricane jammed by ecm drones and being exploded by a bunch of bads but DO NOT PITY HIM he placed himself into this situation by failing to TRULY BELEIVE IN HIMSELF


  1. Woah. Those are so good. I especially love that Drake and Zealot one. Nice work.

    P.S. Where have you and LS been???

  2. it is very very important to belive yourself!! if you don't belive yourself bad things are 12% more likely a scenario than when you do!!!!

    so please please remember to belive yourself

    -this is joe space who does not know how to, but who does belive himself

  3. Are you insinuating that the podla guys left that poor HURRCANE JUSTICE BATTALCRUISER all alone against the PIRATE MENACE?